Administrative and E-Trading Hall

Administrative Block

  • One officer’s room.
  • One hall for 15 officials.
  • One conference hall.
  • One reception lobby .
  • Lavatory Block with separate toilet for males & females
  • E- trading hall (at the first floor)
  • Sample Display Room (at the first floor) equipped with glass display facilities to support the auction active.
  • The sample will be displayed in vessels duly numbered & graded.

Conference Hall 

E-Marketing of Saffron at IIKSTC

  • Saffron produced at farmer fields in the state of Jammu and Kashmir is considered to be of good quality in comparison to Iranian Saffron and it reaches the market through network of intermediaries who frequently exploit the growers, therefore intermediaries will get eliminated from the marketing channel which will ensure better pricing for growers in the domestic market (PAN India) for which the E-Auction Software has been developed by Sakura Pvt Limited  with HDFC Bank payment gateway.
  • Further, Saffron production in Kashmir is the world’s best which proffers strong flavour, aroma and colour-effect. However, Iranian saffron which lacks such qualities, is being imported in India through intermediaries and is being repacked and sold in domestic market on exorbitant rates thereby damaging the reputation of Kashmir Saffron which poses a grave threat to this Heritage crop of J&K.

E-Trading Hall/E-Auction Centre

  • E-auction system initiated with registration of  Growers and Buyer(under Pan India) though our portal.
  • E-auction dates are managed by Admin and Auction organizer of IIKSTC.
  • The facility of E-Auction hall  can utilize  any Grower or Bidder free of cost for lot status and Bidding respectively.
  • In this hall 22 computer systems are installed with high speed Internet facility .
  • Display Room  equipped with glass display facilities to support the e-auction active. The sample will be displayed in vessels duly numbered & graded during the auction time.

E-Auction Hall